"We have come home with a deep appreciation for the wilderness." -- Past Hooksum participant "

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Take the opportunity to scroll through a few of the writings by  students, staff and educators who have been inspired by Hooksum  Outdoor School and the magnificent world of Hesquiaht Harbour.

List of printable poems and articles:

  • Heshook-ish Tswalk by Estella Charleson

  • Satchie-CMT-survey by David Black, Stephen Charleson, Karen Charleson, James Cole, Nan Macy, Dennis Morgan, David Silverberg, and Sarah Tyne

  • The Gift Tsa'Chi Creek by Greg Cloverdale

  • Tsa'Chi Creek by David Black

  • Traditional teachings are a rare opportunity

    Letters and emails:

    "The hands-on training and traditional teaching meshed with my experience and I was instantly able to utilize my skills and certification to lead and teach others." – Past Participant

    "It was great to observe our lifesaving programs in action at the Hooksum Outdoor School – practicing water rescue skills in the coastal setting really enriches the candidate’s learning experience" - Glen Cheetham - Education Director, Lifesaving Society, 2005.

    "From your program I gained skills in which I was able to transform my reality, making my biggest dreams happen." – Past Participant " I have been having the most wonderful summer so full of fun kayaking as an assistant guide and all of this was because of your program! On each trip people ask how an 18 year old is a guide, and I answer by telling them about the amazing leadership program. All of the skills and certifications have given me a solid foundation, but it is all the little things that I am most grateful for, like the connection to the land, connection with the whole group of people, and creating a beautiful community that focused on body, mind, and spirit, and most of all the empowerment that you receive from all this put together." - Hooksum graduate